Increasing Awareness and Empowering Support Organisations

This programme area is about:
  • Creating awareness of the difficulties and injustices faced by so many in Kolkata and the work that we do here at HOPE. This means voicing issues and solutions to local government, local and global societies, and working within the communities facing these challenges to empower individuals and effect lasting change.


  • Helping to develop local organisations and people who work with the needy in Kolkata. Empowering them to build long term sustainable solutions, increasing expertise and efficiency.
HOPE 10 - Awareness & cap
What is Capacity Building?

It’s about building sustainable solutions and ensuring the providers of support services, both people and institutions, are helped and supported in their long term development and growth.

The Hope Foundation realise that focusing purely on practical programmes and solutions, without looking closely at the organisations that manage them, is short sighted and superficial.

Building the capacities of individuals, organisations and institutions is vital for the strengthening of civil society and grassroots development. By increasing the capacity of organisations involved in development, interventions can be made more effective and their results longer lasting.

In response to this need, The Hope Foundation regularly organises capacity building programmes for institutions and individuals. These provide training and the tools needed to effectively assess their own information needs, set their own priorities and build their own information systems. This programme has been developed in conjunction with the Jayaprakash Institute of Social Change (JPISC), a respected college in Kolkata.

Financial and management skills of local NGOs are improved.
Strengthening of the accountability and credibility amongst local NGOs in the eyes of donors and the community.
Increased ability to identify changes in needs, measure success rates and to better understand the environment they work in.
Enhanced confidence, leadership and skills which improve the NGOs’ structures, leading to increased expertise, innovation and knowledge sharing.
Negotiation skills are developed in order to work effectively with government departments, to build alliances, coalitions and networks with other NGOs.
Staff members are empowered to take the initiative when responding to the needs of the communities they serve
This ongoing process will lead to an overall enhancement in efficiency, transparency and accountability in implementing development programmes. This will ultimately create an even more enabling atmosphere for the children in HOPE’s care.