Helping children to lead drug free lives

With exposure to violence, abuse and often having to live without parents or carers, many vulnerable children are introduced to drugs.  Solvent abuse is a major problem for many young children and young people in Kolkata.

The Punorjibon Protection Home, translated as ‘new beginnings’, was established in 2005 to cater for solvent addicted street and slum children. Before the boys enter Punorjibon, they undergo a detoxification programme in Mukti, with intensive counselling support. This support continues when they enter Punorjibon Protection Home.

Punorjibon caters for the holistic development of each boy, through the delivery of nutrition, healthcare, education and recreational activities. The adolescents’ skills and areas of interest are identified, and they are provided with necessary employable vocational training. The ultimate aim is to rehabilitate and then reintegrate the boys into mainstream society through employment and social integration. Recreational activities such as football, karate, dance and photography are also provided for the boys, to not only instil the importance of team work, but to allow the boys to be boys.


HOPE initiated a programme in 2005 to help these children, as rehab is the first step on the path to a normal life. Once through the programme, children usually go on to live in one of our protection homes, where they receive on-going support, love and care.

A Rehabilitation and Intervention programme……
  • as a Drop in Centre – Howrah DIC (Drop in Centre for Solvent Addicted Children).
  • This was followed by the setting-up of a Rehabilitation Home, Punorjibon, in August 2005