Healthy children grow into healthy adults

Through our healthcare programme, HOPE brings health services and practical health advice toneedy communities in Kolkata.

Improving the health of street children and families living in the slums of Kolkata is one of The Hope Foundation’s priorities, and is key in the fight against poverty. Healthy children, who become healthy adults, create better lives for themselves and their families.

Through our healthcare programme, we have made significant progress in immunization, water sanitation and ante-natal care, saving the lives of thousands of infants and their mothers. We also provide emergency care and surgeries in our HOPE Hospital.

Our aim at HOPE is to provide ancillary services to strengthen the existing health services that are provided by the Government of West Bengal.Over the past decade we’ve developed strong partnerships with local non-governmental organizations, and work togetherdelivering services in 34 communities.

Hope 7 - Healthcare
Primary Health Programme
HOPE 7 - Nutrition Awareness Camp
  • The Hope Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Community Health Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centres for Children
  • Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Care
  • Community Health Education Events
  • Advocacy initiatives, to facilitate access to state run services.

Most common illnesses in children:

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Skin diseases
  • Malnourishment

Treatments are often simple but without intervention, can be life threatening.

What causes poor health?

  • Overwhelming poverty and malnourishment
  • Low level of health awareness
  • Unhygienic living conditions and weather changes
  • Homelessness
  • High illiteracy rates
  • The migrant nature of the population
  • Poor drug compliances
  • Low levels of immunization

These factors rendered even pre-existing government services inaccessible to these communities. Their health needs were not being met.

Project Examples
HOPE Hospital

HOPE Hospital

The HOPE Hospital, established in May 2008, caters to the secondary healthcare needs of street and slum dwelling children and adults.

Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

Over 90million people in India have no access to safe drinking water, with more than 1000 children dying from diarrhoea every day because of unsafe drinking water.

Community Healthcare Programme

Community Healthcare Programme

HOPE, along with our partner NGOs, began the implementation of our Community Healthcare Programme in 2007.